Clients & Collaborators

Diverse Learners Consulting works with organizations to provide students, workers, and customers the best possible opportunities to learn and perform:

  • Institutions looking to develop online learning programs for corporate training and employee education.
  • Educational software companies that wish to move beyond one-size-fits-all solutions.
  • Healthcare companies wishing to ensure their solutions are learnable, usable, and effective.
  • Staffing and placement companies looking to develop state-of-the-art solutions for matching and training talent.

Current and recent clients and collaborators include:


Advanced Practice Solutions

Advanced Practice Strategies is an eLearning company and national leader in optimizing healthcare outcomes by measuring and improving clinical decision-making by doctors and nurses. Consulting work focused on their flagship GNOSIS adaptive learning platform, and included instructional and user experience design, including cognitive lab design and implementation, data analytics to support learning map development and evaluation, design of evidence-based content development processes, and design of effectiveness, validity, and reliability evaluation processes.


CAST & University of Kansas

I-SMART (Innovations in Science Map, Assessment, and Report Technologies) is a four-year, U.S. Dept. of Education-funded project (Enhanced Assessment Instrument) to maximize science learning for students with and without significant cognitive disabilities who are not yet meeting grade-level standards. The project builds and integrates multidisciplinary Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)-based science learning maps by including English language arts and mathematics skills, and applies Universal Design for Learning and evidence-centered design to create highly engaging, instructionally relevant assessments. This is a multi-state initiative led by Maryland and including Missouri, New York, New Jersey and Oklahoma. Bob is consulting as a senior research scientist applying his expertise in accessible assessment.



CueThink provides social, collaborative, and interactive learning environments for elementary through high school math students and their teachers. Their innovative iPad application improves students' critical thinking and math communication skills. Bob is consulting as Principal Research Scientist on design of processes and research to expand the features and effectiveness of the software, as well as the development of a companion product, CueTeach, that provides teachers adaptive supports for math instruction.


Landmark College

Established in 1985, Landmark College was the first higher education institution to specifically support students with dyslexia. Since then, Landmark expanded to offer degree programs for students with learning disabilities or difficulties such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Bob is providing education technology consulting to Landmark, as well as designing and teaching a professional and graduate level course, Applying Universal Design in eLearning Environments, for spring 2016 and beyond.



Medix is an industry-leader workforce solution provider to healthcare, scientific, and IT clients. Consulting work focused on design and implementation of data-driven decision making processes for matching talent and opportunities, and included development of scalable approaches and processes that apply across diverse jobs, data analytics to support design and evaluation of processes, and validity and reliability research.


NTT Data Healthcare Technologies

NTT DATA Healthcare Technologies is one of the world's largest healthcare IT players and is expanding its expertise in analytics to predict and manage risk and improve clinical outcomes and operational efficiency. Current consulting efforts in collaboration with TechSpringBaystate Health focus on providing solutions for individuals currently disengaged from the healthcare system. 



RightHire was founded in March 2011 by a diverse team of scientists, business executives, and HR professionals with the goal of building legally-defensible pre-employment assessments for any job more quickly and cost effectively than is possible with traditional methods. Bob is consulting as Chief Scientist bringing his expertise in cognitive and I/O psychology to the design and implementation of a groundbreaking synthetic validity-based platform.


See Write Hear

See Write Hear is a leader in the assistive technology (AT) and accessibility industry, meeting the growing need for accessible literary and multimedia content by developing new AT solutions, mass-producing top-quality media materials, and promoting accessibility regulatory compliance via expert, cost-effective consulting and remediation. Current consulting efforts focus on making a leading online math curriculum accessible for blind and visually impaired students.



TBMG provides customized interactive eLearning design and development services and solutions to corporate and government clients, with an emphasis on innovative instructional design and storyboarding approaches. It develops both desktop and mobile solutions, with particular expertise leveraging HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and Flash/Flex. Collaborative efforts focus on implementation of adaptive learning, scenario-based learning, and analytics for large-scale corporate software training.



TechSpring is a technology innovation center affiliated with Baystate Health. Its mission is to accelerate innovation in healthcare informatics and technology through development, piloting, and proving of digital health products. Diverse Learners Consulting is TechSpring's preferred vendor for conducting focus groups to support product conceptualization, design, and evaluation.



Dr. Beverly Woolf, Director of the Center for Knowledge Communication, is a leader in the fields of intelligent tutoring system and educational data mining. Continuing a collaboration that began in 2007, recent consulting efforts focused on the development of a US Office of Naval Research-funded online math tutoring system and includes design of an innovative data reporting solution for teachers that allows interactive visualization of student data to support data-driven decision making, application of design studio methodologies to the user experience design process, and guest lecturing on statistics and data mining for graduate-level course Tools for Explanatory and Tutoring Systems.