I've spent the past twenty years building eLearning solutions effective for all learners.

I apply an interdisciplinary approach based on my expertise in neuroscience, learning science, instructional design, assessment, and software architecture and engineering.

As a scientist and software engineer, I establish robust, data-driven decision-making processes to identify growth opportunities for individuals, ranging from selection of instructional content to identification of career paths. Key to my success is leveraging scientific approaches—by using existing research and by designing and conducting project-specific research—to support initial design and implementation as well as a program of continuous improvement.

As a designer, I build digital learning experiences that engage users, stimulate meaningful interaction, reduce unnecessary cognitive load, and support the needs of diverse learners, including those with disabilities.

A successful venture is one in which I impact my client's business development, product road-mapping, research, and process development.

My work includes:

  • eLearning product design and conceptualization

  • Instructional and UX design

  • Business development

  • Big data analytics and visualization

  • Research and evaluation 

Artistic graphical depiction of individualized learning paths.