Some useful tools & manuscripts I've created. Still being populated.


Decision Tree for Computer-Based Testing Read-aloud

I created this decision tree to help determine the best method for providing read-aloud support for students during computer-based testing. It's a few years old and needs updating, but on the whole is still accurate.


Universal Design for Computer-Based Testing (UD-CBT)

These guidelines, first published in 2006 and later updated in 2010, were the result of a joint Pearson-CAST effort I led to support the creation of accessible computer-based tests, including those with innovative and technology-enhanced items.


Adaptive Learning: Formative Assessment for the Digital Age?

A brief piece I wrote for the Pearson Research Newsletter in 2012 but still relevant today, I provide a take on adaptive learning from the perspective of formative assessment. The article is on pages 3 and 4.